Introducing, The StowCart

The StowCart is a modern handcart with a thousand uses. (We will be accepting pre-orders soon!)

Loading Mode

Ground-level loading and Mechanical Lift-Assist™ make it easier to load, move, and unload your items. Various container “kits” (photos coming soon) easily mount to the flatbed frame for ultimate convenience and versatility.

Hauling Mode

With over seven inches of ground clearance, 250 lb capacity, and multiple tie-down options, it’s a must-have hauling device whether you’re camping, doing yard work, or on the job.

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Storing Mode

The StowCart takes up very little space when not in use. At only 28 lb (dry weight) it can be transported in a vehicle too.

A Table? ... YES!

As if the StowCart wasn’t handy enough! A small table is great to have if you’re camping, hunting, fishing, or… even working in the yard.


We're obsessed with solving problems with great design. Our namesakes were the embodiment of the values and culture we strive for. John Colter, the great American explorer and William Durham, a great family man and U.S. Coast Guard officer.

How We Approach Design

After field tests with customers, we discovered the real need was modularity and multi-functionality. We created the StowCart with an iterative design-and-test process that relied heavily on actual customer use cases.

Utility & Multipurpose

From a flatbed platform, nearly anything is possible. Our goal was to design one product that could handle hauling tasks frequently required for yard work, outdoor recreation, construction, emergency response, and more.

Long-term Value

We use the best components and manufacturing processes to create the StowCart. We believe utility products should last for many years without maintenance.