Thank You

To PJ for making some introductions to PR and Crowdfunding experts. Much appreciated. To Patrick for meeting up, talking about old times, and hearing me talk about new ideas for nearly 2 hours straight! To my neighbor, Stephen, for helping me out today at pickup.

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Quick Thank-You Notes

I going to make this a Friday tradition… Special thanks to: Renee My kids, for teaching me more than I teach them and for melting away the cares of the world. My parents. My family. Dad, for teaching me how to work (and work with what I have). Laryn, my life-long mentor. Mark, for the savvy business advice and many phone calls over the years. Melissa, for your incredibly effective communications coaching. Mary Ann, for your clear-headed advice and for imparting some wisdom. Tyler, Noal, Mikaela, Alfredo, Noel, Britt, Matt, for being a great teammates. Jordan & Trent for the…

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Everyone Needs to Haul Stuff

The #StowCart is great for: An emergency kit (that actually includes everything you want) for your home or business, yard care, sod/turf, rocks/gravel, camping gear, giving your kids or pets a ride, taking produce to a farmer’s market, transporting fuel, box ‘o books, a cooler, your fishing gear, tailgating stuff, a large temporary shelter/tent, pile ‘o boards, farm and ranch, your tools, a bucket of sand, landscaping stones, beverage containers, moving merchandise in a tradeshow, moving small furniture, utility repair, emergency response, natural disaster debris removal, and many, many more…

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