September 5, 2015

Quick Thank-You Notes

I going to make this a Friday tradition…
Special thanks to:

My kids, for teaching me more than I teach them and for melting away the cares of the world.
My parents.
My family.
Dad, for teaching me how to work (and work with what I have).
Laryn, my life-long mentor.
Mark, for the savvy business advice and many phone calls over the years.
Melissa, for your incredibly effective communications coaching.
Mary Ann, for your clear-headed advice and for imparting some wisdom.
Tyler, Noal, Mikaela, Alfredo, Noel, Britt, Matt, for being a great teammates.
Jordan & Trent for the after-hours mentorship and friendship.
Sean, for your friendship, encouragement, insights, and dizzying intellect.
MSTC 2015, for your friendship and for being amazing in general.
Justin & John and Joaquin, for hangin in there.
Paul, for your depth of advice and for taking the time to talk to me about the product launch (and making introductions).
Shane, for meeting with me also and making some introductions.
Gary, for meeting with me also, checking out the product prototype, and hearing the story (of the next 5 years).
Jay, for a great conversation about business and ideas.
Stephen, for discussing the product, my business, and new ideas too (and hanging out at drop off).
Daniel, for being a good friend since I was 8.
Shelley, for being awesome and for talking about what customers need.
David, for pointing out flaws (and that I can count on you to do so).
Wade, for invaluable advice.
Michael, for being highly reliable even if we only talk twice a year.
Josh, for being a great mentor and for the 7:00am breakfast entrepreneurship 101 sessions.
Al, for being genuine.
Adam, Terral, and Rondell, for being the de facto professional references for all occasions 🙂 (and friends, of course).
Joe, for working with me at the very beginning.
Tyler, for being an amazing attorney and a good guy.
Brent, for being an amazing attorney and a good guy.
Hagbros Precision, for amazing work and even more amazing patience.
Jesse, for walking me through accounting and finance 101 back in the day.
Hall, for fielding my questions and helping me structure my “story”.
Kathryn, for the inspiration.
Eric, for the friendship and for the “sanity breaks” at LBM.
Bill, for teaching me how to golf and hosting us.
Matt (again) for the humor and friendship.
And many, many more…